Hy Con Boots

Con Hy Boots / MRD

Complete sets designed for taking samples in Poultry Houses towards Salmonella spp. contamination. Depending on the sampling method used they come in sets with 2 or 5 pairs of ready pre-moistened Sampling Overshoes (MRD - Maximum Recovery Diluent). All kits contains sterile Sample Bag - closable, suitable for homogenization in stomacher and incubation and Sterile Disposable Gloves which prevents accidental contamination of the sample during sample collection. In addition, it is possible to choose a set with sterile plastic shoe covers. Each set contains an illustration instruction that shows the sampling method as described in EU Commission Regulations (EU) No 200/2010, (EU) No 517/2011, (EU) No 1190/2012 and place for the sample description.

Faecal samples can be collected using sterile overshoes soaked in liquid e.g., MRD - Maximum Recovery Diluent.
Depending on the type of flock, use the right number of sampling overshoes in one collection (for laying hens and turkeys - 2 pairs of sampling overshoes - representing after collecting 50% of surface, and for broiler flocks and breeding flocks 5 pairs of sampling overshoes).
After putting on sterile sampling overshoes, you should go through the poultry house along the appropriate route, providing a representative sample of faeces. The collected samples should be gently slipped from the footwear and then placed in a sterile pouch, taking care that the collected feces remain on the cladding.
When putting on and taking off the sampling overshoes it is worth using sterile gloves to prevent cross-contamination and transmission of contaminants from the sampling person hands.