MicroSwabPlus: The MicroSwabPlus consists of a lyophilized pellet of a single microorganism strain inside a pen-like device.This pen-like device contains a sterile swab and rehydration fluid to facilitate the transfer of the microorganisms directly to culture media. The pellet has no defined CFU assay but a minimum of 1000CFU/pellet to ensure proper growth.The MicroSwabPlus are only 2 passages removed from reference strain.


The MicroSwabPlus show several advantages, which make them a great source for ATCC® derivatives, if defined assay values are not required, but a minimum of 2 passages is mandatory.

  • Each lyophilized preparation is less than or equal to 2 passages from a reference culture.
  • The pen-like MicroSwabsPlus are easy to use.
  • They can be stored at 2-8°C.
  • MicroSwabPlus expire 12-24 month after production.
  • MicroSwabPlus are sold in economical units of two.
  • A certificate of analysis for your QM documentation is included.
Name Category code
MicroSwabPlus Aspergillus brasiliensis WDCM 00053-ATCC® 16404™ MicroSwabPlus MS2A017
MicroSwabPlus Burkholderia cepacia ATCC® 25608™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B028
MicroSwabPlus Acinetobacter baumannii ATCC® 19606™ MicroSwabPlus MS2A001
MicroSwabPlus Aerococcus viridans ATCC® 700406™ MicroSwabPlus MS2A009
MicroSwabPlus Aeromonas hydrophila WDCM 00063-ATCC® 7966™ MicroSwabPlus MS2A012
MicroSwabPlus Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii WDCM 00003-ATCC® 6633™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B007
MicroSwabPlus MicroSwabPlus
MicroSwabPlus Bacillus cereus ATCC® 10876™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B001
MicroSwabPlus Bacillus cereus WDCM 00001-ATCC® 11778™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B002
MicroSwabPlus Bacteroides fragilis ATCC® 25285™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B010
MicroSwabPlus Bacteroides ureolyticus ATCC® 33387™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B014
MicroSwabPlus Bacteroides vulgatus ATCC® 8482™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B016
MicroSwabPlus Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC® 10580™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B018
MicroSwabPlus Bordetella bronchiseptica ATCC® 4617™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B019
MicroSwabPlus Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC® 19146™ MicroSwabPlus MS2B026