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Category: Hy Con Check - Dry sampling sets

Versatile solution for collecting samples from damp work surfaces and hands

SKOO1 SK001.0010 1 pack-10 pcs
SK001.0250 1 pack-250 pcs

Content of one set- Sterile viscose cloth (25x40cm), glove, sample bag with the pocket for the description of samples.

Commission Regulation (EU) No 2073/2005 of 15 November 2005 impose an obligation on the slaughterhouses  to collect samples from carcasses of slaughter animals in accordance with the techniques described in ISO 17604: 2015 and to the production facilities suggest the collection of environmental samples in accordance with ISO18593. Samples can be collected using sterile abrasive sponges, wipes and swabs.

Viscose sampling wipes are very useful because of their size (25x40cm) for collecting samples from the larger surfaces, production equipment or parts.

Sampling wipes can be used with our NPB- Neutralizing Peptone Buffer, BPW- Buffered Peptone Water or any other medium used by client.

With peptone water may be used in poultry houses or other farm buildings, for collecting samples against Salmonella from drinking fountains or other elements.

With neutralizing buffer are recommended for environmental samples where disifecants were used. Neutralizing buffer will neutralize most of them and provide the end user with total testing assurance.


  • Particularly recommended for larger surfaces (over 100cm2)
  • The flexible material and its large size allow for swabbing even from the most inaccessible places
  • Set contains a sterile glove, to prevent cross contamination of the sample during sample collection
  • The convenience and easy of use
  • The possibility to moisten with the buffer immediately prior to sample collection from the dry surfaces
  • Bag includes a pocket in which you can comfortably put the description of the sample
  • Higher recovery in comparison with the standard used cellulose sponge or cotton swab

application versatile application, hand swabbing
product type , dry
sampling material type viscose wipe
sample bag type Kangaroo type zip bag
compliant with standard ISO 17604, ISO 18593
compliant with EU Commission Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005
Storage Room temperature