Hy Con Dual

Hy Con Dual S/NACL/T10

Category: Hy Con Dual - pre-moistened kits

The only such on the market, a complete solution for sample collection from non-disinfected surfaces and animal carcasses

SKO33  SK033.0020 1 pack-20 pcs
SK033.0060 1 pack-60 pcs

Content of one set-

Commission Regulation (EU) No 2073/2005 of 15 November 2005 impose an obligation on the slaughterhouses  to collect samples from carcasses of slaughter animals in accordance with the techniques described in ISO 17604: 2015. The non-destructive method described in the standard is to collect sample from the appropriate carcase locations using an abrasive sponge. Collected material should be returned to the laboratory within 24 hours of receipt (optimally within an hour).After collection and during transportation samples should be stored refrigerated.


application carcasses of slaughter animals
research type quantitative
product type , pre-moistened
type of moistening liquid NaCl - Buffered solution
sampling material type cellulose sponge
sample bag type Dual Bag - Mecconti special design
packaging features suitable for sample homogenization, suitable for sample incubation
sampling tools included sampling template 10x10, disposable gloves
Storage Room temperature