Hy Con Dual

Hy Con Dual W/NPB1/T10

Category: Hy Con Dual - pre-moistened kits

Hy Con Dual W/NPB1/T10 - sterile pre-moistened viscose wipe

SKO35 SK035.0020 1 pack-20 pcs
SK035.0060 1 pack-60 pcs

Content of one set- sterile pre-moistened (20ml NPB- NaCl Peptone Buffer w.LTTh) viscose wipe, sample dual bag, sampling template 10x10, 2 x disposable gloves

Content of one set-

application production surfaces
research type quantitative
product type pre-moistened
type of moistening liquid NPB - Neutralizing Peptone Buffer
sampling material type viscose wipe
sample bag type Dual Bag - Mecconti special design
packaging features suitable for sample homogenization, suitable for sample incubation
sampling tools included sampling template 10x10, disposable gloves
Storage Room temperature