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The quantitative lyophilized pellet of a single microorganism strain with a defined mean assay value inside a plastic vial and one separate vial with 1ml rehydration fluid. Adding the reconstitution fluid to the pellet vial it forms a suspension with a defined assay value of 10-100 CFU/0,1ml as mandated by USP and Ph.Eur. for growth promotion tests.

The MicroPelletRT are a cost-effective alternative to labour-intensive dilution/colony count procedures.

After processing these preparations of lyophilized microorganisms as directed you will achieve a quality assurance challenge as required by Ph.Eur./USP to perform growth promotion tests. MicroPelletRT can be traced back to ATCC reference strains and are not more than 4 passages away from the reference strain.

Name code
MicroPelletRT Aspergillus brasiliensis WDCM 00053-ATCC® 16404™ MPRTA017
MicroPelletRT Bacillus cereus ATCC® 10876™ MPRTB001
MicroPelletRT Bacillus subtilis subsp. Spizizenii WDCM 00003-ATCC® 6633™ MPRTB007
MicroPelletRT Brevundimonas diminuta ATCC® 19146 MPRTB026
MicroPelletRT Burkholderia cepacia ATCC® 25416 MPRTB027
MicroPelletRT Candida albicans WDCM 00054-ATCC® 10231™ MPRTC005
MicroPelletRT Candida albicans WDCM 00055-ATCC® 2091™ MPRTC002
MicroPelletRT Clostridium perfringens WDCM 00007-ATCC® 13124™ MPRTC026
MicroPelletRT Clostridium sporogenes ATCC® 11437™ MPRTC029
MicroPelletRT Clostridium sporogenes WDCM 00008-ATCC® 19404™ MPRTC030
MicroPelletRT Enterobacter aerogenes WDCM 00175-ATCC ®13048™ MPRTE001
MicroPelletRT Enterococcus faecalis WDCM 00087-ATCC® 29212™ MPRTE015
MicroPelletRT Escherichia coli WDCM 00012,WDCM 00196-ATCC® 8739™ MPRTE032
MicroPelletRT Geobacillus stearothermophilus ATCC® 7953™ MPRTB006
MicroPelletRT Kocuria rhizophila ATCC® 9341™ MPRTK013