MicroSwabPlus Bacillus cereus WDCM 00001-ATCC® 11778™

Category: MicroSwabPlus

Catalogue code: MS2A017
Content of one pack: 2 vials of 1 swab in each vial

MicroSwabPlus show several advantages, which make them a great source fo ATCC® derivatives, if defined assay values are not required, but a maximum of 2 passages is mandatory.


Each lyophilized preparation is less than or equal to 2 passages from a reference culture.

The pen-like MicroSwabsPlus are easy to use.

They can be stored at 2-8 0 C.

MicroSwabPlus are sold in economical units of two.

A certificate of analysis for your QM documentation is included.

Passages 2
product type lyophilized
Storage 2 - 8 Celsius
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