BPW- Buffered Peptone Water (bag without filter)

Category: RU media in bags

Code: RU0307.B225

Intended use:

Pre-enrichment of injured Salmonella species prior to selective enrichment and isolation.

Content of one box:

6 bags without filter,

Each bag contains 225ml BPW- Buffered Peptone Water

The detection of Salmonella is determined in accordance with ISO 6579 by a procedure that takes into account pre-enrichment which is necessary and essential for detecting the presence of a small number of Salmonella or injured salmonella species.
Laboratories are required to use this procedure.


Each bag contains an appropriate amount of non-selective medium ready for the pre-enrichment sample preparation.

Bags are suitable for the stomacher.

Additionally, the client does not have to buy sterile bags separately.

The convenience and easy of use.


application pre-enrichment in non-selective medium
conformity (iso standards) ISO 6579