Mecconti was founded in 2004 and has already had become one of the leading European suppliers for high quality products used in clinical, industrial, food quality and environmental microbiology laboratories . Our products are sold through a network of national distributors world-wide.

As a partner in the quality program of the ATCC, named ATCC Licensed Derivative® program Mecconti’s customers can be assured that our family of microorganisms is derived directly from ATCC cultures and is controlled to maintain its identity, purity and viability in products used in the industrial, clinical or environmental setting.

To assure proper handling along the chain of distribution, Mecconti’s distributors have to meet certain standards and have to subscribe to the provisions of the ATCC Licensed Derivative® program.

In addition to the Lyophilised Reference Organisms Mecconti also offers products like:

Hy Con Check - Products for microbiological samples collection, samples preparation and handling,

Sampling Tools - sterile bags, templates,

Pro-check - chemical indicator for hygiene monitoring of surfaces,

Culture media

Mecconti’s mission is to develope and serve industry with state-of-the-art products and services, which enable end users to concentrate on their original business.